Scrapbooking Cardstock Paper

Scrapbooking Cardstock Papers

Theres no stopping a scrapper once they start shopping for scrapbook materials. From paper to stickers, punches to cutters, and sleeves to books, the skys the limit when it comes to picking out your next purchase. No matter what materials you use, the key is to make sure each item is acid-free plus archival and photo safe. You want your photos to last for years without discolouration.

What Are the Different Types of Cardstock Papers?

  • Vellum - Use over pictures or the front of cards to add an elegant look. Vellum paper is a type of parchment paper that ranges from transparent to opaque.
  • Textured - Instead of settling for average, give your page a unique look with textured scrapbooking paper.
  • Matte - Like the finish in photos, matte has a lustreless coating that gives it its look.
  • Glitter - Scrapbookers love the look of glitter but hate the mess. Get the best of both worlds with glitter paper.
  • Glossy - Shiny, lustrous paper that looks good on every project.

What Are the Different Sizes of Cardstock Papers?

  • 6 by 6 inches -152 mm by 152 mm - Small scrapbooks make great gifts for grandparents. One or two pictures per page with only a few embellishments and the present is complete.
  • 8 by 8 inches - 203 mm by 203 mm - When 6 by 6 inches is too small and 8.5 by 11 inches is too big, go with an 8 by 8 inches. You get a bit more working space than the smaller size, but you get uniform measurements.
  • 8.5 by 11 inches - 210 mm by 297 mm - Cut in half, fold and you have the standard size of a card. Whats more, its the perfect size for cardstock printing since it has the same measurements of printer paper.
  • 12 by 12 inches - 305 mm by 305 mm - Go big or go home. Crafters like the larger size of this paper because it gives more room to add pictures to a page without feeling cramped.

What Projects Use Cardstock?

  • Scrapbooking - Mix and match colours, textures, and patterned paper to make your pictures pop.
  • Cards - Whether you are doing it yourself or using a card making kits, cardstock is sturdy enough to fold and unfold without falling apart.
  • Embellishments - Make letters, flowers, borders and so much more with the multiple styles and types of scrapbooking cardstock paper on the market.