Scrapbooking Paper Punches

One of the most essential scrapbooking tools, a paper punch is essentially a hole puncher that creates more interesting shapes than a traditional hole puncher that you'd use for office work does. Instead of punching a hole in documents, these punches are used on scrapbook paper. They create a variety of two-dimensional designs that you can then create three-dimensional styles with and give scrapbookers even more ways to customise scrapbooks, in addition to being easy and fun to use.

What Are Some Paper Punch Types?

When you're looking for a paper punch, you'll notice that instead of using handles, these scrapbooking paper punches are smaller. They range from punches that create hearts, stars and flowers, to designs that create flower petals that you can put together to make three-dimensional flowers. Some punches are used to create interesting edges and corners on scrapbooking paper, and punches come in assorted sizes, from miniature punches that make small designs to oversized punches. Use punches to emboss, round, scallop or add circles or squares to paper pages. You can also use them to make handmade confetti.

What Are Some Paper Punch Brands?

When it comes to crafting, there are several well-known brands that make scrapbooking supplies, including paper punches. These include Stampin' Up!, which is one of the most popular manufacturers of paper stamps of all shapes and sizes. Martha Stewart creates a range of punches, as do Fiskars, Creative Memories and Disney. Select a brand based on the designs you prefer as well as on the price, size and style of the paper punch. You can also purchase paper punch sets from a specific brand, such as a set of miniature stamps from Stampin' Up! or a set of floral-themed Martha Stewart stamp designs. There are also multiple holiday stamp sets as well as themed punches like nature, animals or circles and square punches.

What Supplies Do You Require to Use a Paper Punch?

Along with the right paper punches, you'll need scrapbook paper to create shapes. This is thicker than regular crafting paper is and has a different texture than cardstock. You can also purchase paper that's solid-coloured or includes patterns, prints or designs to make scrapbook pages even more interesting. Other scrapbook decorations include stickers and crystals along with markers, glitter and images or photographs.