Scrapbooking Stickers

Scrapbooking Stickers

In addition to the photos and words you use to create fun scrapbook pages, you can use stickers and embellishments to add more style and interest. At a minimum, the stickers you choose should be acid free in order to preserve your paper creations for the future. Acid free means there is less likelihood of the sticker discolouring or leaving a mark on the paper so you can enjoy the scrapbook for years.

Variety Keeps Things Interesting

When browsing through scrapbooking stickers, youll see a wide range of colours, styles, shapes and so on. Youre likely to be able to find an appropriate sticker for just about any occasion! One interesting area to consider is scrapbooking chipboard accents. Since laser cutters have become more affordable, many artists have started making their own accents, which are often different from the mass market stickers.

Foam Stickers for Kids

Foam stickers are another option for your sticker collection. These are usually in bright, bold shapes and colours. The foam stickers can be a fun addition to a scrapbook page or book for a child. There is also double sided foam tape that you can used to add a little bit of height to paper shapes or buttons, etc. This foam sticky tape can be used to turn just about anything into a sticker.

Sparkly Accents

Do you fancy some sparkle in your scrapbook pages? Are you commemorating a celebration or do you just like a bit of flash? Rhinestones, glitter and foil stickers will add sparkle to your page. Rhinestone stickers come in all sorts of colours, but are usually limited on shapes available. On the other hand, foil stickers can be just about any shape, word or colour. One fancy thing to consider is glitter washi tape, which can add a border to your scrapbook page without using a lot of glue and loose glitter.

Stickers in 3D

Dimensional scrapbooking stickers are a fun way to make an accent pop off the page. These stickers are not necessarily in 3D. They can be puffy stickers or cloth, miniature outfits or characters. Dimensional stickers should also be acid free in order to preserve your hard work for the future.