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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Screen Protectors

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is quite a remarkable smartphone, but without proper care, it might not last as long as you wish. The screen is one of the most vulnerable parts of any mobile phone, so investing in a screen protector for your S6 Edge is worth the trouble. The bigger the smartphone screen, the more potential for scratches. It is crucial to purchase a Samsung screen protector designed specifically for the S6 Edge model because due to its unique shape, the cover needs to be curved.

Plastic Screen Protectors

Plastic covers are the cheapest options available. The plastic protectors are not as thick as glass versions, measuring around 0.1 millimetres thick. Thus, plastic screen protectors feel lighter and do not bulge as much as glass.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Glass is a sturdy material, and as these screen protectors are thicker (around 0.3-0.5 mm) than plastic, they also feel heavier. However, they are less prone to scratches and last longer than plastic ones. The price, inevitably, is higher as well, but thanks to their durability, you do not need to replace them as often as plastic ones.

Privacy Screen Protectors

Opt for a privacy screen protector if you want to restrict the contents on the screen only to yourself. With this Samsung screen protector, the contents are only visible when looking at the screen straight on. At an angle, the contents become masked, so strangers would not know what you are up to.

Screen Protector Hardness

A simple hardness measure best describes the performance of a screen protector. Pencils have lead hardness ratings from 6B to 9H, and a so-called pencil test describes the hardness of a screen cover. 9H hardness screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are the toughest anti-scratch screen protectors for the S6 Edge because in such a pencil test they have survived without a scratch, even when pressing the hardest pencil, which is 9H, against them. You probably do not spend time scratching your phone with a pencil, but a high hardness rating also means that the protector endures the attacks of keys, safety pins, paper clips, pocket change, or other items it comes in contact with.

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