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Screen Protectors for iPhone 5s

As with all smartphones, iphone 5s screens are susceptible to damage or cracking, especially these days when most people carry their phones with them everywhere. Replacing LCD screens for iPhone 5s can be costly, as it requires the input of a knowledgeable phone technician. In fact, screen replacement is the most common phone repair. Fortunately, getting an iPhone 5s screen protector is an amazing way to lower the chances of ending up with a shattered or cracked screen. However, choosing the right iphone 5s screen cover can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Below are some of the things to consider when choosing an iPhone 5s screen protector:

Screen protector type

Glass and polyurethane screen protectors are the two most common types. Polyurethanescreen protectors tend to be cheaper and less bulky than their counterparts. As a result, it is easy for phone users to buy a pack of polyurethane protectors and have access to a new protector whenever they need one. However, thinness means that they are not able to offer enough scratch resistance. On the other hand, glass protectors, though thicker and more expensive, are able to offer both drop protection against cracking and scratch resistance. Furthermore, they are more durable than polyurethane protectors. Currently, tempered glass screen protectors offer the best protection even around the screen edges.

Screen Protector Finish

Screen protectors come in different finishes. An anti-glare finish allows you to be able to read the contents of your screen without much strain even in bright light or on sunny days. Most anti-glare screen protectors also come with fingerprint and smudge protection. Another interesting finish is the privacy finish, which makes the screen appear dark when viewed from the side angle. This prevents wandering eyes from viewing the contents of your screen when in public. Lastly, the mirror finish transforms your iPhone 5s screen into a mirror when dimmed or turned off.

Screen protector appearance

A good screen protector should maintain the beautiful appearance of your iPhone 5s. Nor should it be so thick that it protrudes above the surface of the screen. Finally, the cover should guard against dust collecting in the gap between protector and case.

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