Utilise all the space you have with a room divider – a versatile way to separate areas within a larger room without the mess and hassle of a renovation.

Room dividers come in many shapes and sizes and are often decorative as well as practical. Place one in your bedroom for privacy whilst dressing or to separate a quiet sitting area from a larger living space.


Room dividers don't need to be only for decorative purposes. They can also be used to change up the look and feel of a space or try something new in a room. eBay has a range of screens of various heights and widths, giving you the ability to divide space as you see fit. Some styles are solid with small squat feet, reducing the amount of space under the room divider and giving the illusion of a wall. Metal, paper or wooden screens and room dividers have the ability to fold back onto themselves or stretch out to meet your needs on a day-t- day basis. For special occasions or when you need more space, you can even remove the room divider and place it in the cupboard or under the bed. Out of sight, out of mind.


A decorative screen can be moved from room to room or even taken with you if need be, providing you with portable privacy whereever you might need it. Screens are available to suit the existing furnishings and homewares and decor already in your place, with woven, metal, patterned and paper screens available to create the perfect reading nook or study corner area within a larger space. You'll feel as though you left the room and came into a cosy corner.

Sizing and materials

Room dividers and decorative screens come in a number of configurations depending on your space. Aside from sold timber or metal screen dividers placed on the floor, hanging screens are also available to affix to the ceiling, creating a partition in a room with the illusion of a more permanent wall. Screens are painted, weaved, printed canvas or even fabric – the choice is yours!

Check out all the great room divider options on eBay today and situate your room as you see fit!