Scuba and Snorkeling Gauges

Diving is a sport that turns into a whole science the deeper you go. Regulators and gauges are a necessity for scuba diving and are quite useful in snorkeling, as well. There is a wide variety of scuba and snorkeling gauges on the market and they show different metrics that are important to know. Selecting any piece of scuba equipment requires some careful consideration of its main use and the support features it offers. 

What Do Dive Gauges Show?

Dive gauges show a variety of information. Mainly, they are divided in the following ways. · Single gauges · Double gauges · Triple gauges A simple single gauge is a scuba pressure gauge that shows exactly how much air you have in your cylinder. The double gauge shows your scuba tank air pressure, as well as your current debt. Triple gauges have the previously mentioned two, accompanied by a compass. Some double gauges are also a combination of an air pressure gauge and a compass. 

Any Special Features Are Useful?

The gauges have special features like slim design, fluorescent dials and dark background, though if you are looking for programmable alerts and a digital display, you should opt for dive computers. A dive computer does the work of all three gauges, plus they collect data and set much needed alarms when you reach critical levels.