Explore the ocean with scuba and snorkelling fins

Scuba and snorkelling fins let swimmers and divers move through water easily. An essential part of a divers gear, scuba and snorkelling fins propels divers underwater or let them glide through the water and allow you to swim much further than your normal feet would. You can find scuba and snorkelling fins from leading brands including Mares, Cressi and Scubapro. Here on eBay, you can find a range of scuba and snorkelling fins available in different sizes and designs.

Open heel fins

Snorkelling and scuba fins with an open heel have an adjustable strap for easy opening. These fins are designed to be worn with diving boots and are ideal for scuba diving or swimming in cold water as they keep you better protected. Open heel fins are popular with open water divers as they offer more power and are easy to adjust. Look out for fins with a thick foot pocket for greater comfort.

Certain open heel fins have a vented design which improves efficiency by putting less pressure on your ankles.

Full foot fins

Full foot fins are lightweight and designed to be used in the swimming pool or for snorkelling. They are commonly worn in warm water so you don't need to wear boots as extra protection is not always required.

Split fins

Open heel and full foot fins with a split fin design will put a lot less pressure on your legs as the split fin creates a vortex of water that pushes you forward. They are much more efficient than the standard blade and will propel you further than an ordinary fin.

Free Diving Fins

Freediving fins are longer than standard fins and vary in stiffness depending on your level and material. The longer blade propels you deeper into the water and uses up less energy so you can dive for a longer period of time.