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Sculpting, Moulding and Ceramics Craft Supplies   

A variety of tools, modelling clay, casting resin and other equipment is available for sculpting, moulding and ceramics.   

Sculpting Craft Supplies   

Sculpting tools are focused on precision for detailed work with sculptures and models.   

  • Sculpting tools: Detailed works require all kinds of tools, from chisels to thin wire hooks, brushes, spades, scoops and points.   
  • Craft knives: Craft knives are available in various sizes to help with removing or detailing parts of sculptures.   

Moulding Craft Supplies   

Moulding materials and tools come in several varieties.   

  • Rubber moulds: To help cast different objects, different sizes and shapes of crafting mould are used. Rubber moulds are flexible, making their removal once the moulding material is set much easier.   
  • Polymer clay:  A great tool for children or for testing new ideas, polymer clay comes in many colours, is easily mouldable by hand and can be cast by baking in a kitchen oven.   

Ceramics Craft Supplies   

Tools and supplies for ceramics include pottery tools and turntable wheels.    

  • Pottery tools: Sculpting knives and clay working tools shape clay and add fine details.   
  • Turntable Wheels: These spinning bases help form vases, mugs and other round clay objects.