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Seafolly is a universally loved Australian brand that really captures what it’s like to live life to the fullest and have fun in the sun. With an incredible range of swimwear, beachwear, activewear, and even something for those cool summer nights, Seafolly is the heart of the Australian summer. Because they understand what it’s like to live, laugh and play in Australian summer conditions, you can be assured you won’t just look great in your new Seafolly kit – you’ll also be comfortable and ready to take on the world!

More than just swimwear

While Seafolly made its name as a swimwear brand, they’ve grown into much more than just bikinis and swimsuits. In fact, whether you’re out jogging, relaxing in a beachside café, or taking a splash in the ocean, you really don’t need to look any further than Seafolly for your whole outfit. 

With a range of stylish Seafolly dresses for women and Seafolly women’s tops and blouses, you can just picture yourself relaxing in the summer sun and enjoying a few quiet drinks with friends. Imagine the wind blowing through your hair while you look and feel great, laughing and sharing the summer sun with your loved ones. That’s what Seafolly is all about, and if that summer breeze gets a bit cool, you can slip on anything from their great range of coats, jackets and vests or jumpers and cardigans!

There really is something for everyone in the Seafolly clothing range, not to mention you’ll be the envy of all your friends by wearing it!

Made for living

Seafolly is made for living, and being comfortable while doing it. Their clothing and swimwear range is built for the Aussie sun and ocean, so if you’re looking for brand new togs or a light, beautiful summer dress, look no further than Seafolly. The products are made to be worn in the water and at the beach, so you don’t need to worry about them falling apart if you have too much fun in them.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys getting out in the sun, going on summer adventures in style and comfort, Seafolly has something for you. From activewear to beachwear, you’re going to look great embracing the summer you!


The swimwear range from Seafolly is known all over the world for its quality, its awesome summer look, and its durability. Despite going global and being loved worldwide, Seafolly stays true to its Australian roots, with its fun and vibrant style that captures every ray of sun we love to soak up.

The range of styles is particularly impressive, and there’s a style to suit everybody. Some people love bikinis, and Seafolly has a wide selection available in different cup sizes to suit all shaped. From classic bikini styles to bandeau and twists to add a bit of flair, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. High waist, low waist, even reversible designs – what’s not to love!

If you prefer one-piece swimwear, Seafolly has you covered there, and you’ll absolutely love the wide array of colours and prints to make you feel alive this summer.


Do you ever take a trip to the beach and wish you had something light, funky and fresh to thrown on after you’ve had a dip in the ocean, but everything you own is too bulky or not made for harsh conditions? Enter: Seafolly. 

From dresses, skirts, shorts, tanks and tops, you’ll find absolutely everything you need for a day (and night) of summer beach partying. Need to hop straight out of the ocean and into a restaurant to catch up with friends? Not a problem! Seafolly’s clothes are made for mixing and matching for any occasion. Let your personality shine with the fun, vibrant patterns that Seafolly is known for. Mixing colours, floral patterns, solid designs and everything in between, we’d be absolutely shocked if you couldn’t find something that matches your personality in the Seafolly range of beachwear.


We’re a pretty sporty people in Australia, and Seafolly understands that. When you’re jogging along the beach, hiking on the weekends or taking a bike ride in the summer sun, you want to be supported by your activewear. But does that mean you can’t look amazing at the same time? No way! Seafolly’s range of activewear gives you the comfort and support you need to reach your peak performance and look your best doing it.

So, if living your best life means getting some exercise with a run along the beach before relaxing on the beachside, there’s no better option than Seafolly. In their gear, you can happily do both and not feel out of place!

Aussie clothes for an Aussie lifestyle

Seafolly knows what it’s all about to be Australian. We love the sun, surf and summer fun. That’s what the whole Seafolly range is based around. When you can’t decide whether you’re going to hit the surf, relax on the beachside with a coffee, or take a long walk along one of Australia’s beautiful coastlines, Seafolly asks the question “Why not do it all?” 

Express yourself with colour

One thing that stands out when you browse through the Seafolly range is the vast array of patterns, designs and colours. Some are made with subtlety in mind, and others are designed deliberately to catch the eye. Do you look great in red? Blue? Green? How about a mix of everything? Whatever colours you love to enjoy the sun in, you’ll find something here to suit your needs.

Seafolly’s brand is based around living life to its fullest, feeling great, and looking great - that’s why there’s so many different colours and styles available. Everyone should be able to feel incredible in their swimwear, beachwear and activewear – now you can too!

Made for all shapes and sizes

Many swimwear brands draw the ire of consumers by only offering their products in tiny sizes that don’t reflect everyday Australian women. Seafolly isn’t one of those brands. No matter what your size and shape, Seafolly offer products for everyone. There’s also a girl’s wear range, so you can get the kids decked out in some awesome summer clothes just in time for the warm weather!

To look great, feel amazing, and be the envy of all your friends this summer, start browsing the Seafolly range today and get ready to live your best life in the sun!