Sealers and Sealing Machines

Sealers and sealing machines are a handy appliance for the modern kitchen, enabling home cooks and professional chefs alike to extend the life of their favourite foods. Heat sealing machines can also be used by merchants who need to create a secure seal on their packaging to prevent unwanted spills and keep contents in order. Most of these appliances use heat in order to create a tight and secure seal along the top of the plastic bag. This ensures that air and moisture does not penetrate the bag, keeping items safe and secure and helping food stay fresher for longer. There are a wide variety of branded and unbranded sealers and sealing machines in a range of shapes, colours and sizes to suit all needs.

What Are the Differences Between Mini Sealers and Regular Sealers?

  • Space is often at a premium, which has made mini sealers a popular alternative to full size plastic bag sealers for some users. These food sealers can be operated by a single hand, and they work by pulling the edge of the bag through the sealer. The heat is provided by a ceramic tip or sealing element which fuses the plastic together, creating a tight seal. Mini sealers are a good choice for people who seal irregularly or do not have a lot of space, but they may be less durable than larger units.
  • A regular sized sealer is designed to sit on a benchtop, and it is usually large enough to insert the entire bag without needing to pull it through manually. This makes it a better option for people who seal on a regular basis as it is much more durable and efficient to use.

What Features Are Available on Vacuum Sealers?

  • When shopping for vacuum sealers it is important to consider the features available. Cheaper sealers might only offer heat sealing, and in this case you would need to manually squeeze the air out to achieve a vacuum seal.
  • Units which have a vacuum function will automatically remove the air from inside the bag, which makes them a better choice for people who are preserving meats or require complete air removal. By removing the air, oxygen cannot interact with the contents that you are sealing. This means you can extend the life of your food by up to 5 times that of alternative preservation methods.

What Plastic Bags Are Compatible With Vacuum Sealers?

  • Most plastic bags will work with any plastic bag sealer machine. Replacement v acuum seal food storage bags are also known as poly bags, and can be used to store both food (if certified food safe) and products.
  • Poly bags are made from polyethylene and seal easily, preventing moisture, soiling and tampering from interfering with the contents.