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Security CCTV Cameras

Keep Your Home Safe With a CCTV Camera

Feeling secure in your own home is a genuinely priceless commodity, and a set of CCTV cameras is a critical part of any well-rounded home security system. A CCTV camera can be just as useful for keeping any other location or piece of property secure, like a store or an office. eBay gives you a wealth of options among CCTV camera systems so that you can find something which suits your needs.

Which CCTV camera brands can you find on eBay?

You can buy CCTV security cameras for your home from any of the following major brands.

  • Zmodo
  • ZMP
  • ZOSI
  • Zoohi
What features can you expect to find in a CCTV camera?

Typically, you can expect to find features somewhat like the following in the CCTV cameras for sale on eBay. Of course, for the exact features of any particular model, see the manufacturer's site for details.

  • Video recorders: Security cameras will typically come with some kind of a video recorder, usually either a DVR or an NVR. The basic difference between the two is that an NVR system can work wirelessly, while a DVR system requires wiring. This is because NVR systems process video data at the camera and then stream the data to the NVR, while DVR systems process the video data at the DVR. This means that only analog cameras are compatible with a DVR, while digital CCTV cameras can be used with an NVR. Thus, if you're able to wire up your system properly on location, you may want to go with a DVR system. If you need to be able to view security footage remotely, go with an NVR.
  • Channels: The number of channels in the CCTV system is the number of cameras that that system is able to simultaneously support. Thus, you can hoot up as many as eight cameras to an eight-channel system. You can find four, eight, and 16-channel CCTV camera systems for sale on eBay. But a system with a certain amount of channels won't necessarily come with the same number of cameras included, allowing you to buy more standalone cameras if you happen to need them.
  • Video resolution: Many CCTV cameras these days can take video in 1080p (Full HD). If necessary, you can find or configure cameras to take video in 720p or 4K as well. Most are also 2 MP cameras.
  • Hard drive space: The NVRs and DVRs that come with various amounts of hard drive space, but 1 TB tends to be the most common amount. You can add more space with external hard drives if necessary.
  • Night vision: Some cameras come with night vision, which is particularly useful for home security.
What are some important CCTV camera accessories?

Apart from the CCTV system and the cameras itself, you can find some important accessories to help you optimize or patch up the camera's functioning. Some of these include:

  • CCTV network cables
  • Camera microphones
  • CCTV monitors
  • Wireless video transmitters
  • Camera lenses
  • Power supply cables

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