Home protection with security signs

Sometimes all you need to deter unwanted intruders are some carefully placed security signs around your property. Whether you have security cameras or other forms of security is often irrelevant because a sign at all entry points to your property can also keep people at bay. Most burglars are opportunists, meaning they’ll look around for a home that looks easy to break into. If they see signs on your property warning about home surveillance or security cameras, they’ll likely look for an easier target because it’s not worth their trouble to find out whether the security is real or not. 

eBay has a massive selection of security signs available, so if you don’t want to arrive home to an empty TV cabinet, investing a small amount in these stickers can be a great start.

Types of security signs available

There are plenty of warning signs you can display on your property to ward off intruders. For example:

  • Security surveillance signs: Warning intruders that the home is monitored by a security company.
  • Video surveillance signs: Warning signs to let people know you’ve got cameras installed on the property (even if you don’t).
  • CCTV camera signs: Signs to warn intruders that the property is monitored in real time with CCTV cameras. 
  • Alarm warning signs: Let people know that you’ve got a security alarm installed.

Ultimately, it’s a great idea to install alarms, cameras or enlist the services of a security company. But if that’s out of your budget, some simple stickers can often be enough to deter criminals who are looking for an easy target.

Choose your sign material

Depending on where you want to display your security signs, you may need them in many different materials. Some of the popular materials include:

  • Vinyl (stickers)
  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Plastic

For something heavy-duty that’s going to withstand the elements, you can choose aluminium or steel signs, but they’ll need to be affixed to a wall or post. These are better suited for display at property entry points like the driveway or front gate. In addition, you might consider some easy-to-use stickers that you can display on your front door or windows.