Get Ready For Spring With Seed Starting Trays And Pots

Seed starting pots and trays allow you to start your seeds early, either indoors or in a greenhouse, so your seedlings are ready to plant out into the garden as soon as the weather warms up. This gives you a head start for your spring planting.

Using seed starting trays also means that you can plant a number of seeds in the same tray to ensure that you’ll get enough seedlings to plant out. As not all your seeds will germinate, planting multiplies ensures that you’ll still have plenty of seedlings once they’re ready to go into the garden.

There’s also the possibility that all your seeds will germinate. If you had planted these seeds in the garden, then you would have to thin them out to give the plants enough room to grow. However, if you start them in seed starting trays or pots, you can give all your seedlings the chance to grow into nice plants.

Large variety to choose from

When it comes to seed starting pots and trays, there’s a large variety to choose from on eBay. There are flat plastic trays that can accommodate a large number of seeds and seedlings. These also sometimes come with a cover that you can use to provide extra humidity for your emerging seedlings.

There are also plastic trays that have different compartments. These allow you to plant different varieties of seeds into the same tray. This is ideal if you have a small garden and can only accommodate 2 or 3 plants of the same variety.

Also available are peat pots or those made from coconut fibre. These are great because once the seedlings are large enough, you can plant them straight into the garden, pot and all. These types of bio-degradable seed starting pots are excellent for root vegetables such as carrots, beetroot, parsnips and turnips. But, you can use them for all other plants as well.

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