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Seiko Men’s Automatic Wristwatches

Automatic wristwatches are a classic style of men’s timepiece. Japanese watchmaker Seiko produces a large variety of watches, ranging from entry-level models to the premium Grand Seiko line.


Seiko is a Japanese watch company with a long history. It was first founded in 1881 as a jewellery store that also repaired clocks and watches. In 1892, the company opened a clock factory and began making its own timepieces. Seiko continued to thrive throughout the twentieth century, eventually revolutionising the watch market in 1969 by releasing the first ever watch powered by a quartz movement, the Seiko Quartz Astron. Today, Seiko is one of the world’s largest watch brands. In the year ending March 2014, they sold $1.46 billion US dollars worth of watches.

Automatic Watch Technology

The first watches were mechanical and driven by clockwork. The clockwork mechanism is driven by a mainspring that slowly uncoils. Originally these watches had to be wound by hand, and some watches still work that way to this day. Automatic watches use weights attached to the mainspring to tighten it over time, using the natural motions of the wearer’s arm. So long as an automatic watch is worn regularly, it will not need to be rewound by hand.

Seiko Automatic Watches

Today, most Seiko watches for men are driven by quartz. However, many Seiko watches still feature automatic movements, particularly within their more premium collections. Mechanical, self-winding movements like the 6R20 and 6R15 can be found in designs like the SKX-009K Seiko diver’s watch. Some premium Grand Seiko watches contain their innovative Spring Drive mechanism instead. This functions similarly to an automatic watch but also contains a quartz-powered electronic regulator. Unlike traditional mechanical watches, the second hand moves in a continuous sweep instead of ticking.

Other Seiko Watches for Men

As well as its mechanical watches, Seiko is famous for quartz-powered timepieces. The company was a leader in quartz movement technology and now produces a large range of quartz watches. Men’s Seiko solar watches are also produced by the company. These use solar cells to keep the watch battery charged. Solar designs include the Seiko GPS Solar watch, which uses GPS to automatically adjust to time zones no matter where you are in the world.

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