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Personalise your Seiko Watch with a New Watch Band

Where did Seiko Originate from?

Seiko is a Japanese holding company with subsidiaries that create watches, clocks, semiconductors, jewellery and optical products. Seiko's designs embody their belief of 'emotional technologies', in which an emotional bond is created through the wearer of their watches and their watch. With various technological movements, such as Spring Drive movement, GPS Solar drive movements, Quartz movements, Mechanical Movements and Kinetic Movements, the cohesion between the user and the design of these watches is an unbreakable bond.

How can I customise my Seiko Watch?

If you have been using the same Seiko Watch for years, decades even, it may be time to update your watch, but feeling attached to your Seiko Wristwatch is a normal occurrence. Instead of completely replacing your watch, why not modify it with a new watch band? These watch bands are available in a variety of colours, materials and sizes. Removing your exisiting Seiko watch band is painless, all you have to do is remove the pins which connect your watch face to your watch. In order to do this, you have to have is a Spring Bar Tool which allows you to unscrew and reattach your pins.

Where Can I get a new Seiko Watch?

On eBay, along with a new Watch Band you can find alternative Seiko Wristwatches, which with a variety of new and pre used watches, these would make a great update to your existing collection or as a present for a dear one. Whether you need an Automatic, Quartz Battery Powered, or Quartz Solar Powered there are watches for men, women and children. Making it even easier to shop, eBay allows you to shop via 'features' of the watch that you would like, so that you can search for a new addition to your Seiko family by just selecting whether you would like it to be have capabilities such as chronograph, date indicator, sapphire crystal, luminous hands or with alarm capabilities to name a few.