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3 Reasons to get Sennheiser wireless headphones

Love rocking out to your music, but hate being restricted by your headphone cord? This can be a thing of the past with one of the Sennheiser headphones wireless options. Wireless headphones have been getting more popular in recent years as the technology improves, because they give the user much more freedom. There are many Sennheiser wireless headphones available on eBay. The following reasons should convince you to finally hang up the cord and embrace the new era.

1. You can use them away from the source

Most bluetooth headphones can be used up to 10m away from the source. This means that you can jump around your room away from your phone, or even go into the next room. Depending on the size of your house, you might even be able to go into the kitchen and make lunch without having to take them off. Sennheiser wireless headphones work amazingly when you connect them with other high quality audio gear.

2. No more tangled wires

The bane of everyone's existence is when they reach into their bag to pull out their headphones, only to discover that some kind of super-knot has formed in the cord. These mind-boggling knots require superior dexterity and the patience of a monk to undo. We never thought that our species would overcome this problem, but the day is already here. With wireless headphones, this never has to happen to you again.

3. You can pause and restart the music without touching your phone

Another great advantage of wireless headphones over many wired versions is that you can pause and restart your music without having to use the source. No more fumbling through your pockets trying to hit the button while someone is talking to you. All you have to do is casually touch the switch on the side of the headphones, which is much easier to reach.