Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

At the forefront of Hi-Fi technology and top end consumer audio gear, German manufacturer Sennheiser have built a strong name among audiophiles and sound technicians as the go-to brand when only the best quality sound output and comfort is acceptable.

On eBay you'll find competitive prices on thousands of Sennheiser headphones from their complete range. So where to start? Let us help you with some important considerations when making your decision.

In ear vs on ear vs over ear

When it comes to the design of your headphones, a lot of the decision comes down to personal preference for comfort.

Sennheiser earphones - also known as in ear headphones or ear buds - are ultra portable and many people find them comfortable.

On ear headphones and earbuds are the next most portable offering, using small foam or padded cups that rest on the ears. As they press against the ears, users can expect high quality sound and potentially greater levels of bass from this design.

Over ear headphones fully encompass the ears with large cups and have thick headbands to hold them in place for maximum comfort. Whilst bulky and a bit harder to transport, this design offers arguably the best comfort, sound quality and bass. With these Sennheiser headphones, bigger really can be much better!

Wireless vs wired

All three design types are available in wired or wireless form. There are two main types of wireless technology: RF, which uses a special wireless receiver that plugs directly into the source, and Bluetooth, which allows the headphones to connect with most Bluetooth enabled devices without using a wireless receiver.

eBay is the place to turn for a broad range of MP3 player headphones and earbuds from all the best brands, including Sennheiser. Find a pair that suits your needs and lifestyle today and get ready to enjoy great tunes and podcasts on the go.

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