When it comes to the bride’s wedding ensemble, the dress is, of course, the number one priority but bridal shoes deserve just as much consideration. The pair you choose on this special day does have a great impact because it can affect your comfort level, especially since you’ll likely be on your feet for hours.

Before saying ‘yes’ to the bridal shoes, here are some factors to consider.

If your feet will be seen, your shoes should match the style, colour, cut and proportion of your dress. You can ask your dress designer to give you extra fabric which you can use to cover your shoes, or you can match it with the dress through embellishments. Just make sure these won’t get caught in your dress. If you are wearing a floor-length gown which will cover your feet, you can wear something more comfortable like mules.

Think about your venue. Will you be going up and down a staircase? Are you going to be dancing in a slippery floor? Consider this before deciding on what type of bridal shoes you’ll get.

If you have shorter legs, avoid shoes with ankle straps because it can make your legs look shorter. And although a pair of high heels will definitely work wonders to elongate your legs, don’t force yourself into it, especially if you are not used to wearing and walking in heels. Kitten heels are a good alternative; they give you the extra height and are easier to walk in.

Bring a spare pair in the same colour as your main shoes so you can give your feet a quick respite, like when it’s time to eat or in between the ceremony and the reception. Also pack foot care basics like gel inserts and band aids.

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