Sequin Decorative Cushions & Pillows

Decorative Sequin Cushions and Pillows

Sequin cushions are an easy way to add some fun and vibrancy when decorating your home or even workspace. Many sequin cushions available are unbranded; however, brands including Logan and Mason, especially the Ultima Collection, also provide excellent options in more contemporary styles.

Reversible Sequin Design

A very popular design is the sequin cushion. These glitzy pillows are popular for both children and adults.The clever thing about these particular designs is that the sequins are coloured differently on each side. So with a flick of the hand, you can change the colour of the cushion or even draw pictures and write words on them. Themes involving mermaids and magic appeal strongly to children and can enliven a bedroom scheme.

Decorative Sequin Cushions

For those wanting to enliven living areas, one choice is to add a decorative sequin pillow to the living space. Often in a single colour, these cushions glint and sparkle, shooting out silver or gold flashes, making it easy to match other colours in your design palette.

Novelty Themed Pillows

The ever-popular emoji cushions come in sequin varieties now, too. Many of these fun sequin pillows are also reversible so the emoji can change expression in an instant just by lightly brushing the sequins into the opposite direction. You might also find a cushion with not only sequins, but also a cheeky phrase or design that suits your particular sense of humor.

Cushion Shapes and Sizes

There are many cushions in the traditional square shape in varying sizes; however there are also oblong or rectangular pillows for something a little less traditional. Another unique option featuring the use of sequins, is a round floor cushion with a variety of uses and featuring strong indian and bohemian-style design. These are typically from 60 cms to 75 cms long on each side.