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Looking for sportswear with a classic twist? Or perhaps you're after leisure wear that reflects your active lifestyle. Whether you care more about the style or the function, eBay has you covered. eBay is home to an extensive range of Sergio Tacchini clothing, including shirts, coats, jackets and activewear. With over 50 years of passion devoted to activewear design, Sergio Tacchini is a global icon in sportswear. The story started back in 1966 when the Italian professional tennis player Sergio Tacchini retired from the sport and started the brand Sandys, which manufactured sportswear and sports shoes. He began by selling kits to his tennis colleagues and was the first person to introduce colour into tennis uniforms. Fast forward to 1978 and the Sergio Tacchini brand was propelled on to the international stage thanks to the introduction of sponsorship in tennis. Since this time, the company has expanded to produce a golf line, skiing collection and shoe line in the 1990s. Today, Sergio Tacchini represents the ultimate blend of fashion and sports. One of his iconic Italian pieces could be yours today with just a few simple clicks on eBay. 

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