Sewing Boxes & Storage

Sewing Boxes and Storage

Storing your sewing notions in one organised place makes it easy to pick up your project where you left off, and it also minimises the risk of losing needles, thread, or other small supplies. Sewing boxes and storage make it simple to sew on the go, or keep your supplies secure in your home while keeping sharp scissors and other tools out of harm's way.

Basket Case

Made of rattan, sewing baskets have been around for decades. These sewing bins come in many shapes, including circular, hexagonal, or square, and feature a handle for portability. Choose from vintage options for a retro feel, or newer designs that look similar to a picnic basket. Armed with an interior lining, some baskets also feature smaller pockets inside to separate supplies. Baskets range in colour, and some include graphic prints or patterns on the exterior of the basket, sometimes made from fabric.

Portable Plastic

Lightweight and affordable, plastic sewing boxes provide a simple way to stay organised. These caddies typically have inner compartments meant to hold bobbins, thread, and other notions, and when you lift out those, underneath there are spaces to hold fabric. Plastic boxes come in many sizes, and the small ones may be handy for sewing on the go, but the larger designs offer plenty of storage space for an entire project. You can also use these for storing craft embellishments, such as beads or sequins, in the smaller compartments of these convenient sewing boxes.

Knock On Wood

Wood sewing boxes and storage offer durable protection for your sewing supplies. Many wood designs are actually cantilever boxes, which means once you pull them open on either side, they unfold to reveal multiple compartments within. These oversized boxes rose to popularity in the 50s and 60s, but the durable design remains timeless, and these boxes are just as handy today as they were then. Another option is a sewing box with a handle that has an open design, similar to a tool box. These are multi-purpose and useful for knitting supplies and other craft options too.

Cut From Cloth

A fabric sewing bag or case has a handle for portability, and keeps supplies organised inside interior plastic compartments. Perfect for travel or for saving on space, the sleek design makes them perfect for on-the-go crafting. Choose a small or large bag depending on the space you need, and enjoy features like interior and exterior pockets and a machine washable design.