Sewing Buttons

Sewing Buttons

When you shop for sewing and craft buttons, there are numerous material choices, types and uses for these art and craft items. Most of the time youll only need one button to repair your shirt or jacket. However, a new project such as designing a costume or constructing a blazer requires several. For convenience, you can purchase buttons in singles, packets and in bulk bundles to stockpile an adequate inventory for any sewing venture.

Plastic Buttons

Lightweight plastic buttons dont have a bulky feel in your hands. They are available as 2-hole buttons used for lighter-weight fabric and 4-hole buttons. Seamstresses prefer using 4-hole buttons on thicker fabric due to their added strength compared to 2-hole buttons. Additionally, you can purchase the buttons in attractive shapes such as hearts, flowers and triangles that are available in a myriad of colours.

Metal Buttons

Put metal buttons on a black leather jacket or purchase them in a kit as metal snap fasteners when constructing a windbreaker or sofa cover. Gold and silver metal buttons are popular choices for trousers, denim jackets and tufted upholstery. Furthermore, designs on the outer surface of the button may include swirls, sunflowers and logos.

Wooden Buttons

Wooden sewing buttons are mostly harvested from hard woods so theyre stronger. Many are hand painted with a solid colour, or sometimes left unpainted. Use a novelty shape to place on a scrapbooking page or sew them onto Halloween or birthday costumes.

Other Buttons

Plain buttons look better on a business suit while a flashier button such as rhinestone and pearl ones look better sewn onto evening dresses or wedding gowns. Choose from crystal, fabric and glass buttons to decorate totes, headboards and caps adding a touch of glam to your finished project.