Sewing Embellishments and Finishes   

Fabrics look rather dull until you add a sewing embellishment to the surfaces and edges such as sequins or tassels. You can use these sewing supplies when you're making clothing garments, covering a storage box or using an iron-on patch to make a repair.   

What Sewing Trims Are Available?   

Sewing and fabric trims include fancy laces for a wedding dress or embroidered appliques to include in scrapbooks and on apparel such as sweatshirts. Use costume beading to embellish a Halloween or Christmas costume or put tassels on the hem of a shirt or skirt. Moreover, sequins are available in fan-shaped mermaid scales, stringed holographic and flat designs you apply using a sewing machine.   

What Other Types of Sewing Finishes Are Available?   

When you turn your hobby into a business, clothing labels placed inside your homemade articles lets others know you're a professional crafter. Use webbing to add a sturdy edge to a canvas tent, horse rug or heavy-duty bag. Likewise, you can place rhinestones on a purse or tote that affixes using a heat gun. Customise your pieces by using individual teardrop rhinestones to create one-of-a-kind designs.