Sewing Patches

Sewing Patches

Adorn your tween daughters favourite pair of jeans with a Stranger Things themed patch to make her feel "Eleven," for realsies. In addition to deliberately embellishing clothing to catch the eye and artfully concealing worn spots or stains on clothing, sewing patches are also used to denote rank on youth club and government organisation uniforms.

Sewing Patch Themes

Incorporate themed sewing patches to complement or contrast with your garment of choice, such as creating a floral applique summer dress using a flowers and plants theme or making a bold statement with signs and symbols on your backpack or purse. For fun, cartoon, TV and movie characters sewing patches never fail to get a reaction.

Sewing Patch Types

Iron-on sewing patches are heat-activated and offer the convenience of a fast, no-sew application. However, iron-on patches are not suitable for some materials that get damaged by heat, such as leather, nylon and elastic, and may not last long over time. On the other hand, sew-on patches that need to be hand or machine stitched take much longer to attach, but usually last as long as the quality of stitching does, which may be years. If you have your heart set on a particular iron-on patch and want it to last, try to sew it on a bit to enhance its longevity.

Sewing Patch Compositions

Although all sewing patches are basically cloth pieces, their composition may differ. Some feature images screen-printed on the cloth surface. The elegantly embroidered patches boast dense, elaborate stitching that gives them a raised effect. They also do not fray on the edges. Additionally, there are also beaded and sequined patches for sleeve elbows.

Sewing Patch Suitability

Make sure that your chosen patch suits its intended purpose. Sewing patches for accessories, such as bags and purses, may not have the same tough construction as those intended for apparel, such as jeans and trousers, while sewing patches intended for baby items need to be kind to babys sensitive skin and delicate constitution.