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Sewing Pins

Sewing pins are the go-to sewing accessory for crafters, seamstresses and others working on various projects. Whether you're quilting by hand using a needle or thread or placing items in a scrapbook, these sewing tools keep your handiwork in place as you sew. You can choose from the selections of branded and unbranded sewing pins that best suit your sewing preferences.

Safety Pins

On some days, safety pins keep your world moving forward. These accessories serve as temporary fixes for lost buttons and broken zippers until you can make repairs. They range in size from 19 to 56 millimetres and are available in small packages and bulk quantities. Likewise, you couldn't use cloth baby nappies without using safety pins. The stainless steel fasteners have plastic locking heads to stay securely clasped, thereby ensuring your baby's well-being.

Corsage Pins

Also referred to as florist pins and greening pins, corsage pins keep boutonnieres firmly affixed to lapel buttonholes. Use them to pin lace and other trimmings to fabric or add some glam to your inspiration board by using diamante pins, instead of push pins. Additionally, the silver metal stems add to their attractiveness. You can use several in bright colours like red and purple to hold together a cluster of flowers to display in a vase.

Straight Pins

Dressmakers use straight pins to hold pattern pieces on fabric, secure two pieces of fabric together or pin delicate sequins and tiny beads in place. The pins are available in plastic or cardboard boxes with closable lids.

Ballhead Pins

These handy pins have a ball of plastic on one end so that they're easier to hold onto. Push against the plastic end to push it through fabric and other materials. Manufacturers place them on cardboard packages and small circular discs, or you can stick them into a pin cushion for easy access.

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