Sewing Tassels

Sewing Tassels

Sewing tassels are not just for sewing projects any more. They come in so many different colours, materials and lengths that you can use them on just about any DIY project you have in mind. You might want one to finish off a keychain your kids made for mum. Or maybe youre looking for the perfect tassels to complement the fringe on your curtains. Whatever the case, they provide a fun way to add a pop of colour to a project.

Tassels for Jewellery

Leaving sewing projects aside, one current trend is crafting tassels into jewellery pieces. An odd number strung onto a necklace gives a pop of colour without spending too much. And the best part is you could change it up fairly regularly on your own.

Tassels for Added Flair

Have you ever thought about adding tassels to a shirt? Maybe you have a pair of trousers that just need a bit of dressing up. You could add a fringe or tassels to them to subtly freshen up their look. You could also think about adding them to the edge of a skirt to really accent the swing. Or maybe try handmade tassel scarves for women.

Coloured Tassels

Tassel colours are an important consideration. If you are simply adding an accent, you may not need to match the red sewing tassels perfectly. However, if you are trying to add one as a main focus of your piece, make sure that your chosen colour is correct. You might find it handy to order several colours at the same time to match your needs when they come up.

Tassel Materials

As with all sewing notions, tassels come in many different types of materials. Of course, youll need to consider this when choosing the type you want for your project. Leather tassels wont last long on a project that need to be washed often, for instance. However, they may be the perfect addition to the handbag you just finished. Similarly, cotton tassels may be perfect for that throw cushion you love.