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Avoid getting stitched up with eBay’s huge range of sewing tools and supplies

Sew it seams you’re a wizard with the needle and thread. A skill that is sometimes forgotten about by younger generations, being able to turn buttons, fabrics and thin threads into repaired clothing or totally new projects is a skill that shouldn’t be under-appreciated. eBay can help you scratch your stitching itch with more than 125,000 sewing tools and supplies that can help you make a quick fix to your favourite piece of clothing, piece together a quilt or blanket or put the finishing touches on a new plush kids’ toy for your little ones.

Button in

Whether you need to perform a simple fashion fix or are keen to add some fun accessories to your next handcrafted quilt or other DIY project, the simple yet effective button can turn out to be a valuable ally. eBay has thousands of buttons and other closers and connectors that can save a busted pair of trousers or shirt from the rubbish bin. 

With our range you can breathe new life into your pieces by adding some fun, fresh coloured buttons on the cuffs, collar or down the middle of one of your shirts, or finally get around to repairing the fastener on your favourite pair of office pants.

But buttons don’t always have to hold a practical use, as they can be welcome additions to your other sewing projects as well. Attach one to alternating fabric panels in your next quilting project for some extra texture. Or finish off that incredible stuffed animal you’ve made for your grandchild.

In addition to buttons, needles and thread, eBay is also home to some of the best sewing machines in Australia if you’re looking to tackle larger projects. We also have sewing patterns for clothing, purses and other items to help guide you with each stitch. Check it all out today and get your needle pointed in the right direction.