Sewing Trims

Boring should never be able to describe your handiwork whilst there are numerous sewing trims available. In addition to choosing a preferred fabric , many sewing patterns suggest adding a cord, braid or other trimming to embellish your handmade craft. For example, sewing bias tape around an edge keeps the fabric from raveling. Likewise, rhinestone and lace edgings take your creations from drab to elegant.

Fringe Trims

With your pick of cotton, polyester and other fringe sewing trims, there's an great finish to any project. When sewing a colonial costume, a vintage lace ribbon adds an authentic look to the piece. A tassel trim looks good on the bottom of tablecloths or curtains. Moreover, add a pearl-beaded braid to the edge of a lace collar or embellish a jacket by inserting black fur trim into the seam. Both plain and fancy trims look equally well on a headband, hat or wedding dress.

Sequin Trims

Sequin sewing trims seem to be appropriate for nearly any fabric or sewing project. Apply the trim to butterfly motifs or other sew-on patches. Add sequin lace ribbon to dance wear such as ballet slippers or tutus. Furthermore, embroidered neckline collar trim is available in sequin choices that has to ability to revive a favourite top or dress. You can use the same trim to enhance borders or applique it to the front of a scrapbook or bridal dress.

Elastic Trims

When you need to make a statement but don't want to overpower the fabric, consider the selection of feather sewing trims. These colourful embellishments are the perfect addition to fascinators, garments and shoes. Light-coloured goose feathers look good on art and craft projects, while ostrich feathers sewn into satin ribbon can become the centerpiece at a wedding reception. Lastly, long peacock feathers have a dramatic impact when placed against black fabric.