Sewing Zippers

Sewing Zippers

Sewing zippers are some of the most used fastening accessories for anyone who is passionate about domestic or professional sewing. With so many types of zippers available, its essential to know what kind of item you intend to use the zipper on, as well as the degree of durability you expect from the item before choosing the right zipper.

Zipper Materials

Various materials are available for zippers, referring to the zipper teeth and sliders. All zippers feature a tape that attaches to the teeth and garment. Metal-teeth zippers are commonly used for those projects that require extra durability. Some of the metals used to create zipper teeth include aluminium and brass, and various matte coatings may be present to enhance the look of the zipper. You can also find plastic zippers that are very flexible and resistant to the elements, which makes them ideal for outdoor applications and heavy garments.

Sewing Zippers Functionality

The function of a zipper usually determines its shape, and you need to purchase the correct one for your project. Close-end zippers are common choices for jeans, bags, and boots as their teeth cannot be separated completely, whereas open end zippers work well for outerwear such as jackets or cardigans. Another option is the two-way separating zipper, which features two sliders that meet when the zipper is closed and works for sports equipment and rainwear.

Invisible Zippers

Invisible zippers are the ideal choice for garments such as skirts or the back of dresses, because the slider is very small and the teeth are no longer visible once the zipper is closed. This happens because the teeth are situated on the backside of the zipper. The slider of these zippers often has the shape of a teardrop.