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Sex Toys

Although manufacturers tend to group sex toys into gender and sexual orientation, many sex toys can benefit anyone of the right inclination. These toys help users enjoy sex, and many couples use them. Sex toys can be a way of changing the routine of your sex life, either with or without a partner. These toys generally improve sexual wellness by allowing people to be more comfortable with their bodies and what gives them pleasure.

Penetrative Sex Toys

Many people enjoy penetrative sex, so it's no wonder that people also enjoy penetrative sex toys. Users can employ insertion for stimulation. Dildo sex toys are common and often resemble a penis. Dildos can have strap-on options so that people can more easily replicate common sex acts when lacking the appropriate anatomy. Double-sided dildos and strapless dildos allow couples to stimulate themselves simultaneously.


Vibrators are sex toys with a built-in motor, producing a vibrating action. Many vibrators come with different speed, intensity, and pulse options so that users can find a setting that works for them. People can use vibrators internally or externally, and certain vibrators are developed to increase arousal in different areas. Sex toys with g-spot stimulation are popular for women, but couples can use them.

Anal Sex Toys

Anal beads are sex toys whereby connected beads in progressively larger sizes are inserted into the rectum, then removed. This often results in orgasm or increased sexual arousal, particularly during removal. Butt plugs are shorter dildo-shaped toys with a flat base that are inserted into the rectum, and prostate massagers are used on or by men, since women do not have this organ, to stimulate the prostate.

Nipple and Penis Toys

Users can employ clamps to stimulate the nipples. It applies pressure to the nipples with personalised intensity. Suction toys are another popular option, which results in a pulling pressure or sensation. Artificial vaginas, or male masturbators, act as realistic sex toys because they produce the sensation of vaginal intercourse. Cock rings work to keep the penis hard by keeping blood inside the penis and can be effective for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Other popular penis toys include a cock harness, docking sleeve, ball lock, and penis sleeve.