Sexual Remedies & Supplements

Sexual Remedies and Supplements to Enhance Your Bedroom Performance

Even if you enjoy the most enthusiastic of sex lives, there's always room for improvement. Categorised as remedies and supplements for men, women, or for unisex use, eBay offers a wide range of sexual performance enhancers at affordable prices.

Performance enhancers for men

There are a number of sexual remedies and supplements available that are designed to help men with their sexual performance. With a choice of topical (on the skin) or oral (swallowed to activate) application, you can choose your sexual health remedy according to the following list of uses:

  • Delay: To help with premature ejaculation, or ensure a longer-lasting performance, you can find a variety of remedies designed to extend the period between engorgement and ejaculation.
  • Stamina: To prolong the duration of arousal and boost energy, this type of supplement can extend your sexual activity by numbing the surface of the penis to reduce the sensation that causes climax.
  • Potency: For a stronger, longer, more enjoyable erection, choose listings that offer more potent sexual excitement.
  • Libido: Stress and physical ailment can negatively impact libido. To counteract the effect of daily life on your bedtime activities, take a libido-enhancing supplement to help put you back in the mood.
  • Enlargement: Make things bigger, thicker, and more enjoyable with a performance enhancer that boosts your erection with increased blood flow.
Are there orgasm enhancers for women?

Yes. With some supplements also falling into the unisex category, there are a variety of remedies and supplements that can ramp up a woman's libido and inject a little more passion into the bedroom. From clitoris creams to enhance arousal to passion capsules that boost sexual interest, there are a wide variety of female sex enhancers available among the listings on eBay.

What types of sexual supplements are available on eBay?

Depending on preference and primary use, you can choose from the following application types:

  • Sex pills, tablets, or capsules: Taken with liquid, this type of sexual enhancer will have a reaction delay. Check the manufacturer's site for details of how far in advance you need to take this remedy before you will notice a reaction.
  • Numbing spray: Topically applied to the genitals, sprays are most commonly used as desensitisers to delay orgasm and help with premature ejaculation.
  • Creams, lotions, and gels: Smoothed in and rubbed on, this type of enhancer can increase or decrease sensation, depending on your need.
  • Liquids and oils: Available as sensory aids to be used with a diffuser, added to a hot bath or sprayed on bed linen and soft furnishings, you should check the manufacturer's site for details on the recommended dose and application process.