Shabby Chic

Good decorating advice is to always use a style and home decor you love. Shabby Chic decorators choose furnishings that show wear and look somewhat vintage in appearance. The more layers of paint the better and they don't object to using pieces made to look distressed. Moreover, they may prefer a blend of rustic and eclectic styles to create a Shabby Chic design and concentrate on using white-coloured items whether displaying furniture, bedding or other objects.

Shabby Chic Tables and Other Furniture

This design is all about going back in time to enjoy yesteryear creations. For example, Shabby Chic tables such as French Louis side tables feature marble tops and gilted metal embellishments. Tables with a distressed finish are also popular along with chest of drawers with glass crystal knobs. Furthermore, Shabby Chic furniture includes cupboards with a glazed finish paired with a white crackled, mosaic textured sideboard.

Shabby Chic Bedding

In the bedroom, add ruffled, lace pillows and Shabby Chic bedding in floral prints and quilted examples. Create a calm and serene space by choosing pink or pale blue for your comforter or bedspread, as well as other tranquil shades. Likewise, Shabby Chic lamps add soft ambient lighting such as designs with clear acrylic beads or scalloped-edge shades covered in a rose print pattern.

Shabby Chic Signs

You can place Shabby Chic decorative plaques and signs throughout your home so every room takes on this vintage style of it’s own. Available in metal, wood and other specimens, the signs welcome your friends and family into the space. For instance, signs for the bathroom might say "relax, soak, unwind" or one for the kitchen invokes a feeling of friendship, "but first a cup of tea." These decorative plaques may be hand painted or custom-made and you can have them personalised to your preferences.