Shaving and Grooming Kits and Sets

Shaving and grooming kits and sets usually come with several components: razors, brushes, creams, aftershaves, pre-shaves, and other accessories. The highest-end shaving and grooming kits and sets can come with heavy double-sided razors and silvertip badger brushes, assortments of creams and aftershaves, as well as other accessories. The smallest and simplest kits may come with standard razors or men's shavers, and other grooming tools, with no creams or other accessories.

Shaving and Grooming Set Razors

Razors come in many varieties, with many different blade options, including multi-bladed and with double-edged blades. When purchasing shaving and grooming kits with razors, always consider the desired size and weight of the razor, which can dramatically affect its maneuverability and attention to curves.

Shaving and Grooming Set Brushes

When purchasing shaving kits with brushes, it is important to know and understand the different grades of brush bristles. These include Silvertip, Super, Best, and Pure, with Pure being the lowest in quality while still being real hair. There are also synthetic grooming and shaving brushes, which are generally accepted as the lowest-quality options. Handles may be synthetic, turned wood, carbon, stainless steel, and brushes may also feature caps or holders. To keep brushes for shaving kits in optimal condition, they should be cleaned and dried after use.

Shaving and Grooming Set Creams

shaving creams and soaps are often included with shaving and grooming kits, though novices to wet shaving should consider sticking to creams, which are generally easiest to build a lather with. Many of these creams and soaps are scented, or contain things like Aloe or Vitamin E to soften and protect skin.

Shaving and Grooming Set Accessories

The carrying case most shaving and grooming sets come with are available in a wide array of styles and materials. For those whose shaving routines are so quick that some materials may be put away damp, synthetic carrying cases are ideal. Other accessories can include beard trimmers, tweezers, and even hair pomades.