Shaving Brushes

For the manly man, shaving has become more than a ritual and transcended into art. There’s just a different kind of satisfaction in using shaving brushes to apply soft soap that makes facial hair much easier to shave away. They work in the soap to get all of it on every strand so the shaving blade glides smoothly along you skin and cuts as close as possible.

Brush and Mug Sets

To maintain a cohesive style in your shaving arsenal, buy a shaving brush and mug set. Some sets are sold complete with a double-bladed safety razor or a straight razor. Using a dedicated mug is important to keep contaminants away from your shaving brush when you lather the soft soap into a desirable foam. To use the brush and mug, put a small amount of water in the mug, rub the brush on the can of shaving soap to get a good amount on the bristles, and then stir the brush around in the mug to mix the soap with air.

Brush Stands

Brush maintenance is not limited to rinsing away the soap. Storing the brush properly is also essential in order to keep the bristles straight and neat. For this purpose, a brush stand is often provided with a good brush and mug set, but may be purchased separately if needed. These are can be made of plastic or metal. Some brush stands can store your entire shaving kit, with receptacles for the razor, soap, mug and brush.


The shaving brush is best used with shaving and hair removal products like a safety razor or straight razor. Some straight razors are designed to accept a double-edged safety razor for easy blade replacement, but original straight razors have integrated blades.