Just like your favourite denim jacket that you whip out when you don't what to wear leather, a high-quality shearling jacket is also a reliable wardrobe staple. These jackets are ideal for semi-formal and casual occasions. With a stylish shearling in your closet, you can easily throw aside those heavy coats in exchange for something lighter and considerably more stylish. If you are in the market for some great jackets, shearling coats or vests, eBay is the perfect place to find the right colours, sizes and styles.

Why you should invest in shearling outerwear

They provide ideal warmth

Shearling vests and vintage jackets are the best type of winter wear. Designed from processed sheep wool, the jackets and coats are lined with wool insulation, which helps retain your body heat, keeping you nice and cosy even in the harshest of weather.

They are long lasting

Compared to traditional biker leather and bomber jackets, shearling coats and vests are considerably more durable. Yes, they are more expensive as well, but if you take care of your coats or jackets, shearling winter wear is going to last you a long time. However, do not under any circumstances attempt to wash your shearling outerwear in washing machines - they are to be hand washed only.

The material is water resistant

Shearling coats are designed to be water resistant because of the wool fibres. The material repels water, which means you will never get soaking wet if you are caught in light showers. Moreover, the core of shearling jackets is made to absorb up to 30% of the total weight of the jacket, and that is impressive!

Consider buying a nice pair of quality and fashionable leggings on eBay. They will beautifully complement your shearling vest or vintage coat.