Sheepskin Car and Truck Seat Covers

Jumbucks arent just good for providing us with warm clothes, milk, or a delicious feast at Christmas - their skin can also be used to create high quality sheepskin car seat covers. As it is a natural product and not man-made, sheepskin offers quality in texture, density, and fibre content.

Not only will sheepskin car seat covers protect the interior of your car, but they also offer many other benefits for you and your passengers.

Benefits of sheepskin seat covers

This type of material is great for any season, as they will keep you warm in winter, but cool during the hotter months. You wont need to worry about sitting on a "hot seat" or having to mentally prepare yourself to warm up before sitting down on an ice cold seat. Sheepskin is a temperature insulator because of the breathing properties that are in the wools hollow fibres. They are also very comfortable to sit on as they are extremely soft. Wool is also hypoallergenic, so passengers with hypersensitive skin will find sheepskin products to be gentler on them, so there wont be any rashes.

In general, seat covers will add resale value to your car, as they will protect your upholstery from general wear and tear, as well as sun damage.

Not only are sheepskin car seat covers comfortable to sit on and long-lasting, you can find them in just about any colour to match the inside of your car. From silky and stylish black to royal red, find the type of sheepskin seat covers that suit your lifestyle online on eBay. Browse the biggest range of car and truck seat covers here to upgrade your vehicles value. While youre at it, view the variety of car and truck floor mats on sale to further protect your cars interior.