Sheer Cover

Sheer Cover Studio is a makeup brand that sells mineral makeup. Sheer Cover makeup helps cover up all your imperfections while still making your skin look natural. Use it on days when you don't feel like wearing layers of makeup but you still want the coverage of thicker foundations and products. This line of mineral makeup also has properties that make them more beneficial to problematic skin than other options.

Sheer Cover Makeup Properties

Sheer Cover makeup is light and breathable while smoothing away fine lines and blending away any unwanted pigmentation. Also good for your skin, it is non-comedogenic, meaning it will not clog your pores. In addition, it does not contain any preservatives or fillers, so it is kinder on your skin. Sweat-proof and long-lasting, Sheer Cover mineral makeup is ideal for anyone who has sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Sheer Cover Makeup Application Tips

Sheer Cover Studio suggests a makeup routine that would bring out the best results with their products. First, apply a Sheer Cover concealer to the area under the eye and to any spots and areas where you want more coverage. Secondly, use their Brightener to highlight the brow bone and the corners of the eyes. Be sure to blend well at every step for a flawless finish. Once you are concealed and brightened, use the Perfect Shade mineral foundation. Blend the foundation powder in circular motions, going inwards starting from the outside of the face. Then, dust the Sun-Kissed Bronzing Minerals lightly over the foundation for a healthy and natural glow. Lastly, you can apply Sheer Cover's Lengthening Mascara; the lash extending fibres make your lashes look longer.

Sheer Cover Product Range

Besides basic Sheer Cover face makeup, the brand also offers other types. Among the range is a Base Perfector Primer, which would help your makeup look better and last longer. They also have a moisturiser that contains SPF 15 to keep you safe from the sun. Furthermore, Sheer Cover makeup sets and kits are available for the eyes, lips and cheeks. Not only that, they sell makeup brushes as well.