Sheet Music Stands

Sheet Music Stands

Keep your music sheet in the perfect position and read along easily as you play with the right music stands. These instrument accessories come in a variety of styles, providing an easy way to keep track of your music. Select the features you want to make playing your instrument easier than ever.


While you can select unbranded sheet msuic stands, you can also choose from several well-known manufacturers of instrument accessories. This includes Hamilton, Stagg and K&M along with Meyer and others.


One of the most important aspects of music stands is the ability to be adjusted. The stand you choose should fit your height, whether you are sitting and playing an instrument or standing. This provides the right angle so you can read the music and follow along as you play.


You can find these music stands in a lightweight design, making them easy to carry with you when you play at different venues. They also come in a heavy-duty style to hold up to regular use. You will want to choose one with the right weight and design to fit your needs.


If you are looking for music stands or generic musical instrument accessories, the features they come with are an important part of your decision. You can find lighted music stands which are ideal if you play in low lighting. They may come with a plate that holds the pages in place. You can even find ones with a cover. Some may have an automatic page turner so you never miss a beat. If youre looking for portability, consider foldable music stands which make it easier to carry them with you, even when you have to take your instrument along which make them ideal for people who play at different venues a lot.