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Shelving Bookshelves

When you're nestled in a comfortable chair, a shelving bookshelf within arm's reach provides storage for books and CDs. Additionally, you can use the cabinet to display a collection of whatnots or family photos. Whether you choose a cube or wall unit, there's a bookcase in a convenient size and material to suit your preferences. Shelves are normally adjustable to accommodate any object you want to put on view.

Wooden Shelving Bookshelves

Wooden shelving bookshelves are durable, sturdy and shaped like ladders and cubes. A free-standing ladder stand rack is mould and waterproof as well as easy to clean. With up to six tiers or more to display your possessions, you have space for books, speakers and boxes filled with small items. Likewise, L-shaped cubed shelving, comprised of several bookshelves, fits in a corner to provide additional storage space. You can configure these shelves into one long cabinet or design them to fit separate, individual spaces.

Metal Shelving Bookshelves

A metal shelving bookshelf has an average load capacity between 40 to 80 kilograms. These strong furniture pieces hold office supplies or house plants, remotes and snacks in your living room. Choose a floating metal shelf to keep items organised and away from pets and children. Moreover, these metal shelving units are available in sections that stack on top of each other making them easy to relocate to another room. Many have metal frames and waterproof fabric sides so they're easy to clean.

Plastic Shelving Bookshelves

A lighter-weight alternative, plastic shelving bookshelves are shaped to fit into corners or open spaces. Since they are suitable for inside or outside, use one on a patio for garden supplies or the bathroom to hold toiletries. Most have a pretty scrolled design for displaying pottery or can be used as a shoe cabinet in a hallway. Furthermore, you can decorate a blank wall with several of these decorative, white plastic wall shelves when implementing a Shabby Chic theme.