Shelving Unit Bookshelves

Shelving Unit Bookshelves

Store your beloved books on bookshelves that fit in with your decor and provide stable storage for easy access. You can find this piece of furniture in different materials and colours and with important features. These bookshelves are a wonderful addition to your home or home office.


Select the kind of material you want for your shelving units. While wooden shelving unit bookshelves offer a traditional look, metal shelving unit bookshelves provide a modern touch to a room. Particle board is a lightweight option which also comes with a real wood look while chrome offers a much more industrial or office feel to a space.

Number of Shelves

Choose the number of shelves you want for your bookcase so you have ample storage. Small bookcases often come with two or three shelves while full-length units may have five or more. Some include a closed-section with doors to keep your items out of display, and others feature all open-shelving.


You can find just about any colour to fit your personality and design theme for your bookshelves. If you choose a wood bookcase, you can select the tone of the wood, whether you prefer a lighter shade or deep tones of mahogany or cherry. With metal shelves, you can find painted products that range from silver to a bold red or green colour, which are ideal in childrens rooms.


Along with the basic bookshelf, you can find products with special features. Choose a lighted unit if you want to make your bookcase a focal point in the room or to showcase special items. Floating bookshelves provide storage without taking up valuable floor space. You can even find a corner unit or stackable shelves to take up less room in your home or office.