Stay warm with a sherpa fleece blanket

Is there anything better than being draped in soft, warm fleece? Soft as a cloud, warm as a tea in your favourite mug, and now available on eBay. 

Sherpa fleece is a knit fabric known for its ability to trap heat. Often used to line winter outdoors clothes it’s the perfect material for a soft cosy throw in your living room. Toss it on, curl up by the fireplace and order in from your favourite restaurant for the perfect winter evening. 

Designed to resemble sheepskin, sherpa is an ultra-soft fabric typically used on the inside of jackets, coveralls and sweaters. Fleece is a very similar fabric that we often see standing on its own as with fleece sweaters or socks. Together, this material is incredibly soft and luxurious with an immediate feeling of coziness when draped over the back of a sofa or the foot of the bed. 

Warm winter bedding

If it’s coziness you’re after then you’ve come to the right place. Sherpa fleece blankets are one of the best-selling winter household items—they’ve even been made into hoodies and robes! Need to stock up on winter essentials? Shop quilts and bedspreads or accent blankets to help activate your space and bring a little atmosphere to your home.