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Sherwood Audio Electronics

Sherwood audio electronics are produced by Sherwood Electronic Labs, which was founded in Chicago during the 1950s. Sherwood manufactures audio products with warmth of sound in mind, and are sought out by audiophiles for that reason. For many audio electronics consumers, many lower-end electronics produce a colder, flatter sound, which less resembles live audio, and so warm-sounding electronics are often the ideal. Many Sherwood products consistently win prestigious audio performance awards, including the Hi Fi Grand Prix Award and awards provided by the Consumer Electronics Association.

Sherwood Audio Electronic Products

Sherwood audio receivers, tuners, amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, sound bars, CD players, and smart audio products are all produced by the company, which connect to other devices using Bluetooth technology or surround-sound systems. Sherwood produces the full suite of consumer audio electronic needs.

Sherwood Heritage Line Audio Electronics

The Sherwood Heritage line of products is designed to couple the most modern technology with the rich quality of sound produced by products during the Golden Age of recording. The Sherwood Heritage line of products is its highest-end line and includes products like preamps, stereo receivers, amplifiers, Bluetooth receivers, phonographs, and even disc players. Most Sherwood Heritage line products are denoted by a brushed gold finish.

Sherwood Speakers

Sherwood does produce speakers and speaker components, which can be attached to other Sherwood audio devices, televisions, DVD players, and other electronics. Sherwood speakers and subwoofers work alongside Sherwood audio electronics to accurately recreate high-quality warm tones and sounds.

Indoor/Outdoor Sherwood Audio Electronics

Sherwood also has products built with outdoor performance in mind. The Sherwood indoor/outdoor line includes soundbars and speaker sets manufactured to be Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-compatible, which produce rich, warm sound in any environment. These products utilise batteries rather than traditional power plugs, and feature both micro-USB and AUX inputs.

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