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Shimano Baitcast Reel Left-Handed Fishing Reels

Shimano Left-Handed Baitcasting Fishing Reels

Shimano is a manufacturer of high-end fishing rods and reels of all sorts, as well as associated accessories. Fishing is one of the most popular recreational sports around; most people have done it at least once. Traditionally, a real will be set up for the right side, so that you hold the rod in your left hand and turn the spindle with your right. For most styles of fishing this can take some getting used to, as you quickly have to switch the rod from your right to your left hand to start reeling in. Some folks prefer to simply have the reel set up to be left-handed instead, so that you keep the rod in your right hand and reel with the left. This can be especially helpful for baitcasting reels, which are a type of reel that spins as you cast out your line, meaning you have to put enough of a swing in to overcome the inertia of the reel itself. This is probably going to be easier with your dominant hand!


Baitcasting fishing reels are best suited to experienced anglers who are looking for more accuracy and control than a regular rod/reel can offer. That accuracy really is the baitcasting reel’s biggest selling point, as you’ll be able to put the lure exactly where you want it with a bit of practice, and you’ll also be able to check your cast and bring it back in if you see you’ve made a bad cast that’s going to put the lure in the middle of plants or debris. The downside is that you’re going to need that practice to work with a baitcasting reel effectively. At first, it will be harder to land it where you want to than it would be with an ordinary reel. You need to manually stop the reel from spinning once you land, or else it will just keep going and tangle the line. And finally, baitcasting only work with lures. This means that, unless you want to change the reel over every time you go fishing, you need a dedicated rod for lure fishing.

Left-Handed vs.Right-Handed

There is no right or wrong when it comes to what side you want your reel to be on, just right and left. Is one more efficient than the other? Sure, if you prefer a left-handed reel, a Shimano right-handed baitcasting fishing reel will be less effective, and vice versa.