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Shimano Bike Cables and Housings

If you’re an avid cyclist, you’re already well aware that even the best-made cycles need some repair and maintenance from time to time. To keep your bike shifting smoothly or to keep the brakes tight and functional as they should be, occasionally you’ll need to replace the cables and housings. Depending on the type of cable or housing you need, simply match the make and model number with your Shimano bike.

Derailleur Sets

If your Shimano bike has a variable ratio transmission and you need to replace cables, most likely you’ll need a Shimano derailleur cable housing set. Use these types of sets to help you shift more smoothly. These are made for many different types of bikes: from regular cycles, to mountain bikes and off-road bikes. If you’re not sure what type of transmission you have, match the make and model to get the appropriate part. There are also derailleur cables sold individually.

Cable Housings

A regular transmission on a bike simply requires standard cables and housing equipment. If you simply need to replace the cables, look for the cables themselves. If you need to replace the whole setup, then opt for a complete cable and housing set. Similarly to cables sold for derailleur transmissions, there are several different types of these cable sets for different bikes.

Brake Cables

In addition to smoothing out your shifting while riding, you’ll also want to check your brake cables from time to time. As part of regular maintenance, they should be replaced every few years or your brake cables may be in need of serious repair. Like shifting housing sets, brake cables are either sold separately or as a set. You may also need other parts, such as an inner cable or cable set, which are also available for separate purchase.

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