Shimano Bicycle Rear Derailleurs


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Ride better with Shimano bicycle rear derailleurs

If you ride aggressively through jagged terrain on your mountain bike, you may have accidentally hit your derailleur. The good news is, replacing your rear derailleurs won’t cost you the world – simply shop online on eBay for Shimano bike equipment at great prices.

While it may look like an intricate piece of equipment, a rear derailleur is actually a simple device that is necessary for a bike to shift gears. Designed to push the chain from one cog to another, as the rider, you are responsible for the force that delivers this action. Whether your cable has reached the end of its life expectancy or you are looking to upgrade, you are sure to find what you need online.

Which derailleur is right for me?

As a general principle, it’s not ideal to mix parts between brands due to the poor shifting that will inevitably occur. This is because derailleurs generally aren’t largely compatible with other brands, unlike cranks and chains. If you’re replacing a Shimano rear derailleur, then you need to choose the corresponding Shimano component.

Another important factor that you should consider is the cage length. If you opt for a longer cage, then your derailleur will be able to accommodate for a larger range of gears. If you are ever unsure about the right one for your requirements, read the descriptions on eBay to advise you on the correct component.

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