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Shimano Fishing Reels

Shimano has been leading the way in the fishing world since 1921, and recreational anglers still find some of the best fishing reels among their products. With 36 series and 110 reels, finding perfect match for everyone is easy. Learn about the different series and the common reel types to find the one for your needs and fishing style. Consider also their line of lures and replacement parts as well.

Shimano Reels Series

Among the 36 series that Shimano offers, the Stella line stands out from the rest, providing a combination of top technological advancements. For game fishing reels, look for one from the Tiagra series that makes use of most of Shimanos thickest and strongest frames, able to tackle even the most powerful game species. Popular among fishermen, the Baitcaster range provides both low profile and round baitcasters in many size variations.

Spinning Reels

Spinning reels continue to be fishermens favourites, covering numerous sizes, from the smaller 1000 models to the bigger 4000 and 5000 models. Some innovations have taken the Shimano spinning fishing reels to a completely different level. The X-Ship provides the angler more power to fight the fish but also a smoother retrieve for more convenient operation. To meet the increasing popularity of lure casting, Shimano built a strong yet lightweight spin reel, the CI4, and with its carbon-infused graphite reel, it is a perfect match for Australian conditions, helping to survive hours of fighting a hard-pulling fish. Sustain FG, Stella FI, Nasci, Sedona FE, and Hyperloop FB are only some of the mighty spinning reels available from Shimano.

Saltwater Reels

Harsh saltwater conditions require tough reels, and Shimano is able to cater for this need. Its sturdy reels can cope with constant offshore fishing thanks to a special anti-corrosion treatment, while the shielded A-RB bearings make for some of the toughest Shimano saltwater fishing reels available. Offshore species are not ordinary fish, and you need the best when trying to catch tuna, snapper, kingfish, marlin, or other large game fish, so pick up a Saragosa, Stella SWB, Spheros SW, or Biomaster SWA for such job.

Electric Reels

Electric reels are no longer exclusive to commercial fishermen. You, too, can try your hand at catching cod, hapuka, bass groper, or gemfish with one these advanced reels. These allow you to go deeper with your reel, and the electric motor lets you pull the fish from the unimaginable depths, a task that would seem impossible when doing it manually. Drop the hard work of deep-sea fishing with a Dendou-Maru Forcemaster, Dendou-Maru Beastmaster, or Plays electric reel.