Shipping Containers

Ensure the safety and security of your cargo with either branded or unbranded shipping containers that are built to withstand rough seas and roads, the elements and tampering. Whether you're keen to own one to ship cargo across the seas, store goods long-term on site or wish to convert the container to a modular home, office or shop, finding one that meets your needs is easier than a trip to the port.

Shipping Container Construction

Structurally strong shipping containers are usually built from thick and long-lasting corrugated cor-ten steel that resists erosion. Since they are also water- and wind-proof, they can stand out in inclement salty weather for years without rusting, taking very good care of your goods, especially when compared to shipping goods in prefab containers or cardboard shipping and moving boxes.

Shipping Container Types

Standard shipping containers measure either 20- or 40-feet long, 8-feet wide and 8-foot-6-inches high. They are ideal for general purpose sea and road shipping as well as onsite storage. High cube containers measure the same as the standard containers, except they are an extra foot higher than the standard ones. They make excellent removal containers as you can install furniture rails with the additional height, while refrigerated shipping containers preserve their contents in cold or warm temperatures.

New or Used Shipping Containers

Mull over buying a new or almost-new cargo-worthy shipping container for shipping and exporting as they can withstand being hoisted on and off trucks and ships, and the constant loading and offloading of different types of goods without coming apart. For static storage where the container is not moved, such as with farm machinery, a used container that is easier on your pocket can be highly suitable when chosen with care. Look for one that is watertight with the floors intact, no rust on the surface and working door locks to get a good decade or longer out of it.