Shipping Envelopes and Mailers   

Improve the chances of your merchandise arriving at its destination in the same state it left your warehouse or home with shipping envelopes and mailers. Stock up on your packaging supplies, as this cost-effective cardboard packaging also helps to minimise damage to your shipment while in transit.   

Types of Shipping Envelopes and Mailers   

Secure your rolled-up artwork, posters, plans, maps and calendars in mailing tubes to store or ship. Thick or thin postal envelopes in various sizes are just the thing for flat paper items, such as documents and letters. The adhesive-backed packing list envelopes, when stuck onto your packages, boost identification as well as indicate the items enclosed within.   

Features of Shipping Envelopes and Mailers   

Decide on padded mailers if you have fragile items that require an extra layer of cushioning from damage, such as jewellery, CDs and photographs, while resealable mailers give you lots of reuse options. For documents that require expedited mailing, such as urgent contracts and legal documents, use Express Post envelopes to ensure that they get to their destination as fast as possible. Be friendly to the environment with green shipping envelopes and mailers crafted from recycled content, or give flair to special or holiday items with coloured envelopes that stand out from the plain ones.