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Shiseido Skin Care

Shiseido is a high-end Japanese beauty manufacturer. They develop products that address concerns of aging, acne, and sun damage, among others. Their skin care is widely known not only in Japan, but also all over the world. In Asia, skin care is an even bigger industry than it is in the west. Therefore, Shiseido has developed dozens of products that address whatever concern you could possibly have, including preventative products. In addition to skin care, Shiseido also has a line of makeup.

Types of Skin Care

Skin care routines vary in complexity and the number of products one uses. While some people rely on face wash and moisturizer, others use a ten step system with toners, serums, essences, skin masks and peels, and so on. One product that most people agree is a staple in all skin care regimens is a cleanser, of which Shiseido has many to choose from, with each corresponding to a skin care line. Shiseido also makes makeup removers, eye cream, lip treatments, cleansing oils, mists, masks, gel and cream moisturisers, neck treatment, body creams and oils, hand cream, concentrates for different parts of the face, serums, treatments, softeners or toners, and essences.

Skin Care Lines

Each line targets a different concern and contains products that go into a skin care routine. The bio performance line, for example, is one for anti-aging. Its products lift, firm, and sculpt the face, as well as even out redness, creating a glowing sheen. The Waso line uses plant-based vitamins to balance and hydrate skin. This treatment line is for younger faces, but is suitable for all skin types. In addition to these collections, Shiseido has more than a half dozen other lines that target a specific concern or series of concerns.

Skin Care Concerns

While some people are looking to maintain their already healthy skin, others are interested in ridding themselves of acne or signs of aging. Hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure, uneven skin, and dark spots are common skin care concerns that Shiseido's products target.

Sun Care

Dermatologists agree that sunscreen is essential in not only preventing skin cancer, but also in helping diminish the signs of aging. Shiseido makes sun care that targets the face, body, eye area, and lips. They also have crossover in their makeup line where they add sun protection into the formulations. This is especially helpful for those who are forgetful or who tend to be more minimalist.