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Simplify Your Storage Options With Shoe Boxes

Unprotected shoes placed at the bottom of a wardrobe or cupboard can be damaged by rough contact with other items stored there. For suede and fabric designs, dust can cause blemishes, while work shoes and trainers can shed dirt that might mark fancy footwear. eBay offers a variety of shoe storage solutions that are both attractive and functional.

Are there shoe storage boxes that hold more than one pair?

Yes. While the first thing that comes to mind when you think of shoeboxes is the flimsy cardboard box that the shoes came in when you bought them, there are many larger compartmentalised shoeboxes available for more robust storage solutions. They come in a range of sizes and materials, and the largest ones can store up to 20 pairs of shoes if not more.

Shoe box designs

Shoe storage boxes come in a variety of designs. Some are a small and simple box for a single pair of shoes, while others are built as a free-standing unit with multiple drawers, each drawer housing one pair of shoes. An alternative design is a flat box with multiple compartments. You can slide this type of shoe storage box under your bed to keep it out of sight.

Do shoeboxes need to be ventilated?

Plastic shoe storage boxes have small ventilation holes to allow air circulation as stagnant air can have adverse effects on your footwear. Shoe boxes made from non-plastic materials don't tend to have airtight properties, so ventilation isn't usually an issue. Nevertheless, be sure to store shoe storage boxes in a manner that allows for air circulation.

Common shoe box materials

The variety of shoeboxes available on eBay means that you can pick a material that best suits your needs. For trainers and sports footwear, breathable or washable shoebox storage can help keep odours and dirt to a minimum. The options include:

  • Plastic: Freestanding plastic shoe boxes are a popular choice for storing multiple pairs of shoes in one container. Transparent or semi-transparent casings allow you to see the contents at a glance. For workshoes or sporting footwear, the plastic construction also means that you can wipe out any dirt or debris. Plastic shoe boxes come in a variety of colours.
  • Wood: Wooden shoe boxes are sturdy and come in a choice of finishes. They're often made as a small, freestanding piece of furniture and can be seamlessly integrated into your decor. Many wooden shoebox options are stackable, allowing you to further optimise space.
  • Fabric: Fabric shoe boxes usually come in the form of a multi-compartment suitcase. They're easily stored and most are also made to be portable. They often have a transparent cover or lid for easy viewing of all the inner compartments.